Universal Hotel 2 stars in Riccione

It welcomes a Romagna family for generations

Since 1980 Faetani family and Patrignani manages with passion the Universal Hotel in Riccione.
Sauro, Claudia, Rosina, David, Luke and Sarah welcome you for a total wellness holiday from what you find in the table.
This great family from authentic rural roots invites you to enjoy the freshness and authenticity of products grown.
At Hotel Universal you are in the most quiet green area of Riccione, just 300 meters from the beach and 5 minutes from the spa.

Your stay here is enriched with special moments in the company of people you love.

The grandmother's kitchen

Nonna Rosina is the true queen of the kitchen and every day prepares so many delicacies from Romagna like lasagna, noodles and passatelli. Here you savor all the best of home-cooked food, such as pasta made by hand that absorbs inviting sauce. The portions are generous and conquer you with its genuine taste.

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The products of the land

The Universal Hotel family, brings to the table the fruits and vegetables grown directly in the farm owned by the hills of Coriano and Misano. The colors of nature are combined with the genuine flavors and fragrant dishes rich in taste. Here also taste the typical wines of Romagna such as Sangiovese and the family production Trebbiano.

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At 150 meters from the spa

The Universal Hotel is located just 5 minutes walk from the Terme di Riccione. Your vacation becomes even more special because you gifts moments of relaxation and pleasure spoiled by the beneficial properties of the therapeutic waters of four sources of ancient origins.

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